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MiXi & The Nordic Circular Hotspot

One of The goals of MiXi Center is to create Cross Nordic collaborations. With our international perspective we see the great value in promoting the Nordic approach to sustainable everyday life and the close connection to nature. By promoting innovative solutions, providing hands-on education and creating proactive collaborations, we believe we can accelerate the global transition from a linear to a circular economy.

Since the Nordic countries are leaders in this process of necessary change, we have partnered with the Nordic Circular Hotspot, a powerful network of organizations and companies aligned with our goals and values. If you are interested in circular economy related initiatives or solutions - we at MiXi + Nordic Circular Hotspot will be happy to learn more and collaborate with you.

"At the Nordic Circular Hotspot we are all about accelerating circular change in the Nordics. We are therefore very happy that Mixi from Helsinki has decided to joint our Partnership Programme, bringing with them valuable experiences with cross-sectoral circular solutions," says Einar Kleppe Holthe, Managing Partner of the Nordic Circular Hotspot.

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