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Series of digital training sessions on circular business models in May-June

Nordic Innovation and Accenture will be organizing a series of digital training sessions on circular business models in May and June 2022.

The training is particularly relevant for business advisors and those organizations and networks whose members are manufacturing companies of all sizes (such as construction, maritime, transport, energy, machinery and equipment), as well as companies in manufacturing value chains (such as technology and raw material suppliers, financing and logistics). 

The training sessions are in two tracks -

Track 1: Circular Business Models: The Fundamentals

The sessions will introduce you to the fundamentals of circular economy business models and increase your understanding of what the circular economy entails. The focus will be on explaining and raise awareness about the business value and potential for companies in employing circular business models.


Track 2: Tools for circular business growth: Train-the-trainer

The sessions will equip business advisors across the Nordics with more knowledge on circular business models, and on how to utilize tools like the Nordic Circular Economy Playbook when guiding and advising businesses on their circular transition. The training aims to increase understanding on how to identify circular needs.


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