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Finland holds vast resources of research and hands on experience in the transformation towards a circular economy.

  • Carbon Neutral by 2030: Finland aims to be carbon-neutral by 2030 and carbon-negative quickly thereafter, ensuring long-term sustainability. 

  • Circular economy as a national strategy  : Finland has created a strategic plan to promote a circular economy.

  • National circular roadmap: Finland’s Road to Circular Economy is the first national agenda of its kind. Read More here.

  • Center of Knowledge: The World Economic Forum in Davos recognizes Finland as a vast center of knowledge for circular economy. Read more about the educational programs here.

  • World recognition: The World Circular Economy Forum is yearly organized by Sitra. It was held in Helsinki in 2017 and in 2019 , in 2018 in Japan and in 2021 in Canada. Read more here

Image by Ugur Arpaci
Finland's Way towards a Circular Economy
First CE Roadmap
National Roadmap

Sitra, 2016 & 2019

Finland prepares a national road map to a circular economy under the leadership of Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund in 2016, the first country in the world to do so.

he roadmap was subsequently updated in 2019. 

Source: The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra 
First WCEF


The first World Circular Economy Forum, a global initiative of Finland and Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund was held in Helsinki, Finland in June 2017 with 1,600 participants from nearly 100 countries.

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The FIRST World Circular Economy Forum
Source: The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra 
How to create a national CE RPOADMAP?
Source: The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra 
Sitra publishes a global guide to create a national CE roadmap


Sitra shares a free guide for creating a circular economy road map as a tool for change: it helps define the required steps and compiles key stakeholders’ views on the essential changes and actions required for the circular transformation.

It is a document that includes a vision as well as goals and tangible actions that will accelerate a country’s transition towards a circular economy.

Sitra publishes a guide for the Manufacturing industry 



This playbook is tailored to companies in the Finnish manufacturing industry, giving detailed examples for the following four sub-sectors:

Machinery & Equipment, (2) Marine, (3) Energy and (4) Transportation

Source: The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra 
Source: The Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra 
The World Circular Economy Forum 

CANADA, 2021

Co-organized by the Government of Canada and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and hosted for the first time in North America, the WCEF brought together forward-looking thinkers and doers, and presented the world’s leading game-changers in the circular economy.

Educational programs

Learn from the best

Globally known as a leader in Education, it is no surprise that Finland has also become a global leader in the education of Circular Economy.

Finland is a forerunner in Circular Economy education, with  more  programmes and courses in higher education than anywhere else in the world. That is why The World Economic Forum in Davos recognizes Finland as

a center of vast knowledge in Circular Economy.   

Finnish educational institutions and leading organizations have created various free programs and educative materials , in order to share the gathered experience and knowledge with the world,

with the perception that education is the key to move towards a circular economy.  

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