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Digitalization can boost the transformation towards a more sustainable circular economy and Oulu has great possibilities to serve all sectors in this transformation. Industrial areas, such as Nuottasaari, Laanila and Rusko offer great investing and operating possibilities including numerous options for industrial symbiosis. In addition, Oulu is the logistics centre of Northern Europe. Port of Oulu is a junction for sea, railroad and road traffic, enabling efficient transportation to all of northern Scandinavia.

Expertise in ICT, world-class education, research in circular economy and unique co-creation serve as fuel for innovation and business in the region on a wide spectrum. Oulu is the place to get your circular idea into business case!


Every day billions of people are using wireless technology developed in Oulu for 50 years. Oulu has been leading the global development of 5G technology and is already spearheading the future of 6G.


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LIKE - Circular Economy Cluster

LIKE circular economy cluster promotes the co-operation and networking between companies and helps SMEs to identify their role in circular economy ecosystems. Cluster supports companies in finding new customers and investors and encourages the SMEs toward a more active approach to utilizing the versatile RDI expertise in research and education organizations.

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University of Oulu 

University of Oulu provides deep expertise in the area of circular economy. One example of research is Instreams Hub that focuses on cross-disciplinary inorganic materials research and engineering and the management and utilisation of inorganic side streams. There is also research related to critical materials for future electric mobility, waste incineration residues as secondary resource and possibilities to create a viable ecosystem to exploit magnesium.


Laanila Biorefinery Park

Significant chemical industry integrate with access to sustainable raw-materials and synergies for Biorefinery Investments.


Laanila Biorefinery Park offers an unique production environment for wide range of bio based products ranging from biofuels, bio chemicals and dissolving wood pulp to higher added-value end-products.


Laanila Biorefinery Park offers available site with an access to process chemicals, steam and energy and opportunity for joint sourcing of wood raw material, logistics, maintenance and HSEQ


Circular Economy park

Rusko Waste Center is an area where companies, regardless of size, can come and try out their new circular ideas.


In Rusko Waste Center area there are already several symbiosis, for example biogas production and utilization to produce electricity, heat and vehicle fuel. Electricity with solar power plant is also produced. Majority of the waste material received at Rusko's waste center is utilized as material and energy but new solutions to increase re-use and recycling are welcome!


Main actor in the area is Kiertokaari, who wants to act as a development platform and enable the emergence of circular economy business models. Kiertokaari facilitates the start-up of new companies, provides a test platform for innovation and jobs creation. In the area of ​​the Rusko Waste Center, Kiertokaari can offer  innovation platform areas, infrastructure and energy that enables rapid testing and commissioning of new circular economy pilots within the framework of Kiertokaari's environmental permit.

Circular Economy area

Välimaa circular economy area is an area of ​​about 150 hectares. The area is located in Oulu, along Kiimingintie (mt 849), about 7 km north of the Kiiminki agglomeration. The distance from the center of Oulu to the Välimaa is about 28 km. The starting point for the development of the area is material efficiency and new innovative solutions and products.


Logistics hub of Northern Scandinavia

Oulu is one of the most important logistics nodes in northernmost Europe

• The port of Oulu is the biggest container port of Northern Finland.

• Port of Oulu and Oritkari logistics area provide a gateway to the northern areas of Finland, Sweden and Norway

• Excellent connections and accessibility from the main road and railway network as well as from the biggest container port of Northern Finland

• The combined transport terminal is located in the area

• Location at the center of logistics services and vital industry


Great opportunity for new logistics terminal, warehouse and office development by the Port of Oulu and Oritkari Logistics Area

• Lettable area approx. 66,000 m2

• The project is ready to start with a short notice

• Demand for new logistics facilities is increasing

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