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The Tampere region, known for its manufacturing industry and know-how in the ICT sector, has naturally made it to the top of environmentally friendly and intelligent clean technology, or cleantech.

The companies in circular economy and cleantech in the Tampere region offer a wide range of innovative solutions, life cycle services and automation to various industries.

The solutions are based on a large business base in the urban area, the numerous innovation platforms available and strong and longstanding R&D cooperation between companies and the university community in the field of environmental sciences.

Tampere Circular Economy
and Cleantech Ecosystem

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The ecosystem activities are targeted at SMEs and large companies operating in the circular economy and cleantech sectors and research institutions developing green technologies or products that use them.

Learn what kind of opportunities Tampere Region offers for circular economy and cleantech companies.

Eco 3 -
A bio and circular economy pioneer


An innovative, industrial-scale, multidisciplinary bio- and circular economy business area, ECO3, is being built on the excellently located Kolmenkulma Eco-Industrial Park, situated in the Finnish growth corridor.

This nationally important competence centre is also a demonstration and piloting environment, developed by the City of Nokia and Verte Ltd., the City of Nokia’s development company, in cooperation with companies and universities.

The ecosystem focuses on four different areas:

Nutrient cycle, Wood cycleBio and circular economy based energy and fuels and Technical cycles. 

Are you looking for piloting opportunities for your circular economy products or processes?


In the ECO3 area there are industrial-scale bio- and circular economy pilot and demonstration facilities.

Many businesses are looking for . ECO3 helps companies to find partners for product and process development projects, as well as excellent opportunities for piloting and testing new products and processes.

The historical factory community in Tampere’s Hiedanranta is transforming into a modern and sustainable city district

Hiedanranta will come to comprise a smart and sustainable city district that provides its residents with a smooth daily life and improves their quality of life by utilising new digital solutions. 

The area already provides a platform for experiments and projects that promote smart technology, sustainability and CIRCULAR ECONOMY. 


Hiedanranta aims at a circular economy material stream model. Soiled ground, waste mass from the pulp and paper industry and building demolition waste will be utilised in the construction of the district as widely as is safely.

The new construction of the district takes into account circular economy right from the planning. Less resources are used, materials and products are recycled and their value remains.

The aim is to create a Co2 negative Hiedanranta that produces more than it consumes. 

The Taraste area on the border between Tampere and Kangasala a significant circular economy cluster in the region. The area includes Tammervoima’s waste-to-energy plant and Pirkanmaan Jätehuolto Oy’s waste treatment centre.


The focus of the Tarastenjärvi area is on the recycling of material flows and bioeconomy. The Tarastenjärvi business area is located in the immediate vicinity of the waste treatment area and is connected to Tammervoima’s waste-to-energy plant. Space has also been reserved in the area for bioenergy producers and other activities where a central logistics location is important. Companies for which visibility and accessibility are important will be situated on either side of highway 9.

Innovation district

15 KM from Tampere , CIRECO is transforming the Nokia historic site into an innovation hub for CIRCULAR ECONOMY innovation.

Check the deck (in Finnish) and ask us for more details! 



Energy Self-Sufficient Lempäälä is a project of Lempäälän Energia Ltd. It has been chosen as one of eleven key projects concerning renewable energy and new technology in 2017.

The project objective is to create an energy self-sufficient business district. It is located in Marjamäki industry area in the municipality of Lempäälä.



The energy is going to be produced using renewable energy sources, such as solar power and biogas.


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