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Because Vaasa is the Nordic Energy Capital.

Vaasa expertise is found in the electrical grid in all countries in the world!

And because you can find great circular economy opportunities in Vaasa and the whole Ostrobothnia region. 

Here you can read about some of the projects and initiatives. 

Circular Economy Hub

The RENERGI circular economy hub promotes the operating conditions of the region’s companies that work in the circular economy industry. We support companies in establishing themselves in the area, as well as in creating networks and opportunities for collaboration that will advance their businesses.


The Vaasa region’s dynamic and export-oriented business life offers new operators a warm welcome!


The Lintuvuori industrial area in Korsholm offers plots for companies in the circular economy industry. Lintuvuori is located just ten minutes from the centre of Vaasa and roughly 10 kilometres from the airport. The available plots are situated in an area covered by a detailed plan and are already equipped with municipal engineering. 

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Circle's Edge
Business Park for Business that value sustainability and profitability 

The real added value for the environment is realized through the many green innovations that the properties will utilize.

Among those are the waste energy heating system, a water recycling plant, and sustainable energy sourcing.

Circle’s Edge purpose is  to be a precursor in green technology for the masses. To give regular businesses the opportunity to do their part for the environment, without compromising profitability.

Businesses that choose to locate their operations in Circle’s Edge get to display their proactivity.


The CERM Project
From linear to Circular 


The goal is to provide a very clear strategy and action plan for the region on how we can use all the resources and finances in the most efficient way and move the region to a completely circular and sustainable society. 


The CERM project creates a roadmap including a strategy and an action plan for the three regions in Ostrobothnia,  to develop a society that is based on circular economy and sustainable principles.

The process included identifying the most important branches in each region that have the biggest volumes and where circular economy can be implemented in the easiest way. The strategy and action plan are based on statistics, structure of the society, inhabitants and business life.

Giga Vaasa by Energy Vaasa
The best ecosystem for a future green battery industry 

Leading companies in Vaasa, such as ABB, Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Wärtsilä, Danfoss and Yaskawa, are all using batteries and energy storage in their applications.

One of the most important drivers in Vaasa is climate change. Different actors  are working to minimize CO₂ emissions and taking steps towards a more intelligent and more sustainable future.

In the Vaasa region, there is a strong expertise in decentralised energy production and energy use solutions. 
Vaasa offers opportunities for the production of emission-free products.

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Looking for business opportunities in Circular Economy in the
Vaasa region? 

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