MiXi is Your Partner for

Circular Innovation

MiXi is Your Partner for Circular Innovation

At MiXI, we believe that circular innovation doesn't need to be disruptive. While there are truly groundbreaking innovations, such as new materials or technologies that enable us to utilize resources in a regenerative manner, circular innovation isn't always about introducing something entirely novel. Circular innovation often involves reimagining existing processes, products, and systems to create more sustainable solutions.

We recognize that circular innovation requires a collaborative effort, bringing together diverse actors to rethink supply chains, integrate digital solutions, optimize logistics, and enhance operations. This is why we not only serve as a bridge between the linear and circular future by providing services and programs for companies, but we also serve as a bridge connecting investors, startups, and companies seeking to explore and leverage the dynamic landscape of circular innovation in Europe.

Established in the heart of Helsinki, Finland

Our journey began amidst Finland's rich ecosystem of innovation and circularity, but our vision extends far beyond national borders. 

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Collaborating with partners across Europe and beyond, we strive to catalyze global transformation, making a significant contribution to the advancement of circular innovation on a global scale.

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