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2/6: The Future of Consumption

Apr 24, 2024 4:00 PM
Katia Dayan Vladimirova
PhD, Researcher (University of Geneva), Founder of Well Rounded

Join us for an enlightening webinar exploring the Future of Consumption! Our speaker, Dr. Katia Dayan Vladimirova, PhD, is a leading researcher at the University of Geneva, specializing in sustainable fashion consumption. Katia is the founder of the International Research Network on Sustainable Fashion Consumption and the creative mind behind PostGrowthFashion.Substack.Com. As the founder of Well Rounded, an innovative underwear brand for the whole family, she brings a unique blend of academic expertise and practical experience to the discussion.

During this webinar, Katia will explore the role of technology and innovation in driving sustainable consumption patterns, while also addressing key barriers to transitioning towards a circular economy. Drawing upon her extensive research and entrepreneurial ventures, Katia will provide valuable insights into the most promising developments and trends shaping the future of fashion consumption.

Who Should Attend:

Professionals, enthusiasts, and stakeholders passionate about fostering sustainability and circularity within the Textile & Fashion industries are invited to join us on this transformative journey! We highly encourage attendees to participate in all six sessions for a comprehensive understanding of the circular future. Additionally, we encourage active engagement in the sessions, including asking questions, sharing insights, and learning collaboratively.


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