ReMake Cafe

The Remake Cafe initiative hosts monthly events that are open to everyone


The challenge lies in making circular practices accessible to everyone, engaging citizens and companies alike while providing opportunities for circular businesses, especially those offering services, such as repair and refurbish.


To address this challenge, the Remake Cafe initiative was launched in 2023. It  hosts monthly events that are open to everyone, offering a collaborative platform to explore various aspects of circular economy practices. The project is a collaboration between the Museum of Technology, the University of Helsinki, and Mixi, leveraging their expertise and resources. Each month, a different topic is explored, with workshops, discussions, and activities organized around it. For example, during an event focused on food sustainability, the Finnish company Helsieni showcased their innovative method of growing mushrooms on coffee grounds.


The outcome of the Remake Cafe initiative is a series of engaging events with both social and environmental impact. These events not only raise awareness about circular economy practices but also provide practical opportunities for participants to learn, engage, and take action. The project is funded by the City of Helsinki, highlighting the city's commitment to fostering sustainability initiatives.

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