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6/6: The Future of Textile Repair

"Are you ready for the circular future?" is a webinar series focused on exploring circular economy principles and their application in the textile and fashion industries. Led by Alisa Mick and Riikka Olli, Circular economy professionals, the series comprises six bi-weekly sessions covering a range of topics, including new regulations, circular business models, supply chain management, new materials, and marketing. Each one-hour session features a use case company sharing their journey with circularity.

Designed for executives from textile and fashion companies committed to their circularity objectives, this series aims to provide insights into the strategic decisions necessary to prepare for the future and making circularity a core part of business. The series offers invaluable and practical insights for companies looking to implement changes towards profitable circular models.

6/6: The Future of Textile Repair

Marie Duguet
Growth Lead at Tilli

In this session, we discussed the future of textile repair with Marie Duguet from TILLI. TILLI reconnects people with artisans through its Care & Repair services, offering easy access to skilled professionals who can care for, restore, and cherish clothing and belongings, including services for decoration, leather goods, and shoes.

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