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1/6: Intro to the Circular Future with Muchaneta ten Napel

"Are you ready for the circular future?" is a webinar series focused on exploring circular economy principles and their application in the textile and fashion industries. Led by Alisa Mick and Riikka Olli, Circular economy professionals, the series comprises six bi-weekly sessions covering a range of topics, including new regulations, circular business models, supply chain management, new materials, and marketing. Each one-hour session features a use case company sharing their journey with circularity.

Designed for executives from textile and fashion companies committed to their circularity objectives, this series aims to provide insights into the strategic decisions necessary to prepare for the future and making circularity a core part of business. The series offers invaluable and practical insights for companies looking to implement changes towards profitable circular models.

1/6: Intro to the Circular Future

Muchaneta ten Napel
Founder of Shape Innovate &

We kicked off our MiXi “Are you ready for the circular future?” webinar series on April 10th, 2024, featuring amazing Muchaneta ten Napel. Here, we want to provide a quick summary of our first webinar and explain why you should all join the following sessions to gain the best insights from our guest speakers who are envisioning the future of the circular fashion industry.

Key challenges in the industry that need to be solved include:
- Complex and multinational supply chains built over the last decades.
- Volume-driven business models with optimising volume and lower prices over quality and lifetime value.
- Consumer behaviours have been heavily shaped by fast fashion with cheap disposable garments.
- Up until now, very little regulation around transparency, safety, and the human and environmental impact of the industry.

Tackling these challenges is a must for the industry to reshape itself. We are addressing all of these problems but to make lasting impact and change at scale, more needs to be done.

With Muchaneta, we got an insightful and inspirational outlook for the world and industry operating under the EU’s Green Deal vision, individual EU countries leading with innovation and country specific agenda based on their respective strengths. As a single market and our shared vision and values, Europe has a unique position to benefit from these innovations to drive change on European level and also globally.

Muchaneta also took us on a journey with a use case around EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) and how that single legislation could help businesses drive for better outcomes for them, their customers, and the environment.

In the upcoming sessions of our series, we will be discussing all of these challenges and we will be going deeper into the solutions and opportunities we have to change, shape and innovate the industry towards more circularity, transparency, and equality.

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